Out-of-Pocket Services

The fee for psychological assessment with Dr. MacLeamy is $200/hour, which can include time for test administration, meeting in person, test scoring, school visits, consultations with other professionals and report writing. The length of assessment varies depending on the nature of the questions being asked, and will be discussed ahead of the assessment and as it progresses based on need. Below are some common fees for services frequently requested:

Comprehensive testing related to the autism spectrum is billed at a flat fee of $2000 per assessment including testing, scoring, and report writing. Usually this service involves meeting in person for 2-5 hours of testing and interview. Afterwards Dr. MacLeamy will complete a diagnostic report that may be shared with schools, social service agencies, other healthcare providers and insurance providers at your request. School or home visits may be an additional hourly fee.

Evaluation for ADHD is billed at a flat fee of $600 including scoring of questionnaires, meeting for a clinical interview and write-up of results.

The fee for a 50-minute out-of-pocket consultation session is $200, payable at the beginning of the consultation hour.

Payment can be made by cash, check, or credit card (Mastercard, Visa, etc.). In some cases, telephone or video conference appointments may be possible.

In-network Insurance-covered services

If you are receiving Autism Spectrum Disorder assessment services through your insurance plan, Partnership Healthplan (Medi-cal), any fees will vary depending on your individual plan’s coverage and benefits. Generally Partnership will cover the cost of the evaluation in full. Please note, at this time Dr. MacLeamy is not contracted with Partnership to provide any other types of assessment (other than ASD related) nor to provide treatment.

Out of network Insurance-covered services

If he is not in your network, Dr. MacLeamy can still see you as an out-of-network provider. In that scenario, you will initially be responsible for covering the cost of the assessment. Then, Dr. MacLeamy can sign and complete a reimbursement form for your insurance carrier that you may submit to your health plan for direct reimbursement. Many insurance companies will reimburse you for a portion of the session or service fee, but all plans are different. Check with your individual insurance provider, as each provider and plan operates differently. Ask your insurer about their coverage of “psychological testing” or “autism assessment” depending on your needs. In many cases you can download a reimbursement form from your insurance carrier’s website. You may also be able to submit statements to your flexible spending account (FSA) for reimbursement.